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Impact Mat (3x4)

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Our impact mats are a perfect way to make your inflatables safer, and comply with new 2018 ASTM Regulations for impact attenuation.


Made of durable material, they have a built-in handle system to make carrying and storage easy.




Plus, if you have a 2017 or newer inflatable with our new safety ramps, you can connect the mats with integrated built-in clips to hold the mats in place.




Not all impact mats are created equal.

You're likely to be bombarded sooner or later with advertisements for impact mats. However, not all mats on the market are compliant with the new ASTM requirement. Make sure the mats you purchase have undergone proper testing and have the documentation to back it up.


Make sure you only purchase and use impact mats that have been tested compliant with ASTM F355 testing.


New ASTM Requirements:

The American Society for Testing and Materials [ASTM] regulates many industries design, manufacturing and operations standards for safety.


This organization working in cooperation with the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission [USCPSC] have developed requirements for the safe use of Inflatable Devices.


Newly revised ASTM standards contain  language for the required use of Impact Attenuation Mats around all entrance and exist areas of inflatable devices.


In addition these these 2 locations, any wall or open area less than 36” high must also use an approved Impact mat.


NEW 2018 ASTM F-24 Standards on Amusement Rides & Devices


If an inflatable game or other device has a play area where the patron is elevated on an object above the mattress surface, the designer shall evaluate the need for higher containment walls, an impact attenuation system, or other mitigation strategy for potential fall hazards.

Ingress/Egress and Device Landing Surfaces

The landing surfaces are the areas beneath and directly adjacent to the ingress and egress areas of the inflatable amusement device and any uncontained perimeter area, where a user would land when exiting or falling from the device.

(a) The maximum free height of fall in designated ingress and egress areas shall be no more than 30” (.76m) in the unloaded condition.

(b) In the ingress/egress areas and any other uncontained perimeter areas, surfacing shall conform to impact attenuation requirements in section 5.16.6, and shall extend at least 4 feet (1.2 m) from any uncontained edge of the inflatable device.


We have received certification for the Impact Mats we carry from an accredited Sports Lab testing facility based on the testing requirements established by these new ASTM standards.


ASTM requirements for testing and certification of these Impact Mats requires labeling to be clearly marked for Inspectors to verify compliance.




What size impact mat do I need?

Our standard 4x8 meets the new ASTM requirements, and should be used on all entrances and exits. If you have an inflatable with our new Safety Ramps (or a similar entrance and exit that has side walls), this is the only mat you will need.


If you have an older inflatable that has ramps and exits with multiple sides (no walls), you will need to also use additional mats to comply with the ASTM requirements. Our 3x4 mats are perfect to supplement our standard 4x8 mat.




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