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Play-A-Round Golf™ Premium Holes

Premium Holes Price Add
Thumbnail Loop-de-Loop Hole $897.00  
Thumbnail Spiral Hole $997.00  
Thumbnail Loop & Spiral Package $1,597.00  

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Our new Premium Holes can be added on to any Play-A-Round Golf™ Hub, including adding holes to the 3-Hole Package or as replacing standard holes for the 9-Hole Package. You can also use them by themselves by attached a 1/2HP Blower.

* All of our inflatables are constructed from materials that are lead-safe, meaning levels below 90ppm. This is well below even the strict CPSIA and California Proposition #65 compliance limits of 300ppm, meaning our inflatables are safe for children. We also use vinyl materials that are flame-retardant and meet the new California NFPA 701, large and small-scale tests





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  • Height
    0' 00"
  • Operator(s) Required
  • Installers (Estimated)
  • Blowers Required
    Requires Hub (sold separately) or 1/2 HP Blower
  • Blowers Included
  • Premium Holes
    Loop-de-Loop Hole, Spiral Hole, Loop & Spiral Package

Need to customize your inflatable?

Do you need to be under a certain height? Are you looking for custom artwork branding? We have a full U.S. factory and can modify product dimensions, colors, and artwork to better suit your needs. Give us a call to discuss your needs and pricing.