Save big on our most famous designs.

Hurry! Once this Group Buy is full, these deals go away.



How full is the production run?


When you buy together, you save together.

We're inviting all of our customers to go in on a special group production run for some of most famous inflatables (that we can't normally stock). Doing this as one big production run means these prices are lower than they've ever been, and you just need a small deposit to get things started. 


How does it work?

Simply pick out what you want, and contact us. As long as there's room in the production run, you can get in with a 30% deposit. We'll build everything over the winter, and will plan to ship in March.

We anticipate the Group Buy being open through the end of the month, but it could fill up sooner. We're only doing this once for right now, so don't wait! Once the production run is full, these deals go away.



*Prices subject to change without notice. Blowers and shipping not included. No rain checks. No credit will be provided if a price listed is lower than one you originally paid. Not applicable for existing orders or open invoices. All sales are final. Initial 30% deposit required with and final balance due before shipping. Orders are expected to ship in the middle of March. 

The vault is open.

Over the years, we've released hundreds of mind-blowing inflatables, and unfortunately we can only stock our most recent designs. That means many of our most famous inflatables can only be ordered as a "special order", which normally means higher prices.



During our Greatest Hits Group Buy, we are doing one big production run for just about whatever special order you can think of, and passing the savings on to you!

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