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Stand out from the crowd.

USA Manufacturer of Commercial Bounce Houses for Sale
Inflatables, Water Slides, Combos, Inflatable Games, more

commercial bounce houses wholesale USA bounce house manufacturer

We've helped countless customers take their business to the next level.

Cutting Edge™ is the leading brand of commercial-grade inflatables, and our team has decades of experience. If you're looking for anything from an inflatable bounce house, moonwalk or jumper, an inflatable slide or water slide, a princess inflatable castle bouncy house or even an inflatable game or obstacle course, we have something you'll love.

Read on to find out why you should choose Cutting Edge™ brand inflatables.

The wow factor.

Wouldn't our mind-blowing inflatables look great on your business card?

Built to last.

We use only the highest quality durable 18oz vinyl, and up to 6 rows of stitching on each seam for even more durability.

Safe for kids.

Check around, Cutting Edge™ is the #1 brand among safety inspectors. Lead-safe.

Premium value.

Our combination of safety, quality, and mind-blowing colorful designs provides your company the best overall return on investment.

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