Layaway Program

Why pay now, when you can layaway instead?


We know how you feel. You see something you just have to have — like our Princess Carriage Combo™ — and it's on sale too! But the budget is just a little too tight this time of year. So what to do? Sulk around and watch that sale price disappear? 


Our Layaway Program means that you can put down a manageable deposit and lock in the sale price on your next must-have inflatable. When you're ready to take delivery, you just pay the balance and we'll ship it to you. It's that simple! No complicated monthly payments required. 


Our Layaway Program is available on most sale items, unless the inflatable is marked as a blowout or outlet store deal (as these products must be paid in full and delivery taken immediately). If you're interested in taking advantage of this program or would like more information, give us a call! You can also check out all the nitty-gritty details below.




CEC Layaway Terms & Conditions


1. Eligibility:
The CEC Layaway Program™ may be combined with sale pricing, unless otherwise indicated, but cannot be used in conjunction with special offers or promotions marked as "Blowout" or "Hot Deal" where it is indicated that the item must be paid in full at the time of order and shipped before a specified date, or on items listed on the Outlet Store.

2. Payment Plan:
a) An initial down payment ("Down Payment") equal to 33% or greater of the total purchase amount is due at the time of order. This allows N-Flatables to either begin production or reserve inventory in your name. Please see the N-Flatables Terms & Conditions for more details.
b) Final payment ("Final Payment") equal to the balance remaining is due (3) business days before your order is ready-to-ship. An estimated date when your order will be ready-to-ship will be provided at the time of your order, specified as "Pending Ship Date" on your sales confirmation. An N-Flatables representative will contact you when your payment is due. Please see the N-Flatables Terms & Conditions for more details.
c) No additional monthly payments, other than the Down Payment and Final Payment, are required. However, you are welcome to make monthly installment payments, if you would prefer. Any payments received will be reflected on the sales confirmation and will reduce the remaining balance of the Final Payment.

3. Cancellation Policy
a) Customer Cancellation: From the date the Down Payment is received, you have a grace period equal to (2) business days to provide written notice to N-Flatables of your intent to cancel your order. If the grace period of (2) business days is exceeded, N-Flatables may choose to cancel your order at N-Flatables' discretion, unless production has been started, materials have been ordered, or inventory held causing a loss of potential business. Please see the N-Flatables Terms & Conditions for more details.
b) Failure to Pay: It is N-Flatables' policy to cancel an order if final payment is not received within (30) business days from the date you are notified in writing that your order is ready-to-ship, unless other arrangements are agreed to by N-Flatables management. In this situation, N-Flatables will provide you written notice of cancellation to the address listed on your sales confirmation.

4. Refund Policy
a) If an order is canceled within the Grace Period, N-Flatables will gladly refund any payments you may have made, including the Down Payment.
b) If the Grace Period is exceeded, or you fail to make your Final Payment (see "Section 2.b Final Payment"), you may be subject to, at N-Flatables' discretion, forfeiture of the Down Payment for any any of the following reasons: production has already started, materials have been ordered, or inventory was reserved causing N-Flatables a loss in potential business. Any monthly installment payments made in excess of the Down Payment, however, will still be refunded, unless otherwise indicated on your sales confirmation. Please see the N-Flatables Terms & Conditions for more details.
c) All refunds will be made within (14) business days of written notice of cancellation. Refunds will be made in the same manner as payments were received, when possible. If you made a payment via credit card, the amount will be credited back to the credit card that was used. If payment was made by check, cash, money order, or wire transfer, the amount will be refunded in the form of a check made payable to the purchaser or purchasing entity listed under the billing information on the sales order and mailed to the appropriate address listed on the sales order, unless you specify otherwise in writing.

This document, Copyrighted © 2015, is in supplement to the N-Flatables Terms & Conditions, and in no way supersedes any information contained therein.


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