Inflatable Experience Signs

April 27th, 2017 | Brian Field


Everyone loves inflatables. However, they pose certain risks and should not be used by everyone. Safety should be of number one concern for both inflatable manufacturers and inflatable owners. Thus in order to help protect you and your customers, we have developed The Inflatable Experience Sign.


This durable two-sided a-frame sign serves to inform your patrons of what they may experience while using an inflatable and the inherent risks of doing so. While the general guidelines are typically on the warning labels of inflatables, the Inflatable Experience Sign reiterates these general rules and warnings and also focuses attention on what physical effects a patron may experience while standing, bouncing, climbing, or running on an inflatable device. Certain health conditions may be aggravated by the use of an inflatable.


Therefore, the Inflatable Experience Sign also warns patrons with physical impairments or pre-existing conditions not to participate on the inflatable ride. Operators can contribute to a safer and healthier community by using the Inflatable Experience Sign with each of their inflatable rides.