Replaceable Wear Covers

April 27th, 2017 | Robert Field


The Cutting Edge Brand was the first to conceive removable & replaceable wear covers to be installed on inflatable devices. This creates a viable and affordable alternative to expensive repairs on large inflatable devices due to everyday wear and tear on surfaces.


Covering the contact areas of an inflatable, including climb areas, slide areas, obstacles, etc., minimizes the wear and tear an inflatable is subjected to during use. These covers are generally connected with a hook and loop attachment and can be replaced whenever a daily inspection discovers excessive wear, open seams, or holes.


The ASTM has added a standard that regulates the maintenance of these wear covers on inflatable devices.


The ASTM standard indicates the following:


Open seams or holes on slide covers or climb covers shall never be patched, unless the manufacturer’s operating instructions contain approved patching methods for those parts of the device. These areas shall be re-sewn or replaced according to manufacturer’s recommendations. 


It is the duty of any installer, owner, or operator of an inflatable device to properly inspect each and every inflatable prior to its daily use, and replace any portion of that device that shows excessive wear, open seams, or holes before allowing any patron to interact with that device.